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Working with Anne has shown me how my own energy/state of mind reflects in  my dog's behavior.  Anne's support & encouragement has instilled a higher level of confidence in my ability to communicate with my dog (as well as other dogs) in a calmer & clearer manner.  Seeing the progression from an insecure/fearful dog to a calm & happy one has been amazing.  And to see how a calm balanced dog can influence others is inspiring.  Thank you Anne for sharing your passion & talents with us!

- Laura , Aspiring Pack Leader &  Frosty, Balanced Happy Dog


Thank you to Anne and her pack, Jake and Ollie, for helping Olaf in his training to become a happy and balanced dog.  Anne provides invaluable advice, ongoing support and encouragement.  She goes above and beyond to help owner and dog.  Being a "Calm Dog" is more than just dog training.  It is about connecting and being with your best friend on a whole different level.  I highly recommend Anne and "Calm Dog" for all your dog issues.  Thank you for putting Olaf on the path to a model dog citizen.

                                                               -Olaf and Lisa

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