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 Consultations take place in your home – this enables Anne to see you and your dog in your natural environment.  In some cases it may need to be where the problem takes place, which can be determined while scheduling an appointment.

Depending on the case, the first meeting typically lasts around 2.5 hours.  It’s a good idea to have all the members of your family present at the first consultation, so everyone has an understanding of what they need to do.

Your pet’s daily routine, history and family’s expectations of your dog will be discussed and your pet’s behaviour observed.  Anne will help you to understand why your dog is displaying unwanted behaviours and more importantly, how to address them.  An accurate assessment and program plan will be provided.  In many cases, positive results are seen during the initial consultation and further sessions may not be required.  

Learning so much new information can be overwhelming, so whether it's one session or several, a follow up is recommended to reinforce what you have learned and address any concerns you may have about your dog.

However, some dogs will need extra help. That’s why the behaviour consultation process includes regular hands on sessions forming part of your program plan. Please read on for more information about the different options available through Calm Dog.