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Experience a Pack Walk

A structured, organized walk is a far more effective solution for exercise than having your dog run in the backyard or going to a dog park.  Walking your dog drains his energy and decreases destructive behavior that comes from frustration.  Walking with other dogs creates a team.  Team members don't destroy each other.  Good social behavior is built naturally.  The natural world of a dog is a much more highly structured world than ours.  They thrive on rules, boundaries, limitations and challenges.  For a dog, the reward is in the process.  By walking your dog you are earning a position of leadership with each step you take.

During a Calm Dog pack walk you will: be given group and one on one coaching; gain confidence walking your dog; improve your leadership skills; and provide socialization for your dog.

Please, no choke chains, harnesses or retractable leashes.   Preferably, martingale collar, slip leash, prong or gentle lead/halti.  Your dog(s) must be on a leash at all times.

Upcoming Pack Walks

When:  May 4, 11, 27 and June 2019

Time:  2:00 - 3:30 pm

Where:  Details provided when you register

Fee:  $80.00 which includes all 4 pack walks (to be paid in advance)          

Limit:  10 people

To Register:  Contact me at [email protected] or pm on facebook.com/calmdog