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In February 2015, Ollie became a St. John Ambulance Certified Therapy Dog for their Adult Program.

The top left picture shows the February 2015 Graduates of the St. John Ambulance Adult Therapy Dog Certification Program.

In the upper right photo, Anne and Ollie pose together for their Graduation Photo.

At the same time Ollie was certified as a Therapy Dog for the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Adult Program, he was also certified as a Therapy Dog for the Children's Program. He is currently the only dog in the surrounding area certified for the Paws 4 Stories and Children's Therapy program.

Here is Ollie with his 1st group of Pack Leaders from Prince Rupert Middle School in 2012. These were the participants in the 1st offering of the Cesar Millan Foundation's "Bullying in the Classroom" program. This was the "Leaders of the Pack" portion of that Program.

The Class sent its poster to Cesar Millan when he was on Tour in Victoria in November, 2011. When it was shown to him backstage, he autographed it for the group.

It is still on display at the Prince Rupert Middle School.