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Anne has always been passionate about helping animals, especially dogs.  She grew up with dogs, experiencing the unconditional love they bring and the positive impact they have on family.

Anne graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Special Education, and has taught in various schools for 34 years.  Over her career, Anne worked with many students and adults who faced significant challenges and was always looking for new ways to inspire and empower them. 

In 2012, Anne read an article from Cesar Millan's magazine titled "Bullies in the Classroom."  The article described how dogs can impact the classroom environment in a positive way, which will actually reduce bullying and behavioral problems in students. Being intrigued, Anne contacted the Cesar Millan Foundation and purchased the Course Curriculum, intent on setting up and rolling out this exciting new program. During this preparation time, Anne adopted an 8 week old golden retriever, known as "Ollie," and Anne initiated the K-9 role program at the Prince Rupert Middle School. This was the 1st K-9 Course to be implemented in any school in British Columbia, and the 3rd to be offered in Canada.

In 2013, Anne attended "Training Cesar's Way" Foundation Course at the Dog Psychology Centre in Santa Clarita, California.  These sessions were led by the team of Cheri Lucas, Brian Agnew, and Cesar Millan. As Cesar's head trainers, Cheri and Brian were integral in creating and building the original "Training Cesar's Way" Workshops. 

Shortly following Anne's session at the Dog Psychology Centre, Brian and Cheri then started their own business "Lucas & Agnew." They provide several types of training workshops in Templeton, CA, United kIngdom, Canada and several states in the US. So, in 2015, Anne successfully completed the Lucas and Agnew Mentor Workshop inTempleton, California. This was a fivntensive, hands on workshop, learning to achieve balance and fulfillment through leadership.

Anne is offering her knowledge and skills acquired from these world famous dog behaviourists through her Calm Dog business. If you would like to learn the skills, techniques and understanding needed to resolve your dog's behavior issues, contact Anne.

She will also instill confidence and empowerment in you and your family so you can all develop the leadership skills needed to communicate effectively with your dogs. Anne's natural ability to confidently communicate with both with people and dogs gets positive results.